Families Change Guide to Separation & Divorce
  • Helping kids, teens and parents
    deal with a family break up


Help your kids deal with separation. Make decisions in the best interests of your children.


Guidance to help teens cope with a family break-up and move beyond the grief.


Kids ages 6-12: Learn about separation, divorce and the feelings you are having.

About Families Change

This website provides age-appropriate information to help kids, teens and parents deal with a family break up. The website was produced by the Justice Education Society in collaboration with Public Legal Education Association of Northwest Territories.


The site content was authored with input from family counsellors, guidance counsellors, psychologists, lawyers, parents, teens and kids. The website provides general information about the law. It does not provide legal advice. Each person’s family is different and for this reason the website does not replace the specialized guidance that may be provided by lawyers and other professionals.


A fun, interactive game for kids ages 6-10. Explore Changeville to learn how other kids deal with a family break up.