Families Change Kids Guide to Separation & Divorce

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Kiko: Maybe you’re wondering why parents split up.

When people live together and have children, they hope they will be together forever. But sometimes there are problems.

Parents separate when they can’t solve their problems together and when they are not happy together. They decide they can’t live together anymore.

Parents try very hard to solve their problems and to stay together. It’s not an easy decision for your parents to decide to separate or divorce.

Every couple is different. They have their own reasons for deciding not to live together.

Sometimes, they just can’t get along anymore. They can’t agree on anything, and maybe they argue a lot. Maybe one of them has changed, or both have changed. This might have happened to you before. Maybe you and a good friend got interested in different things, and it didn’t feel the same anymore. Or maybe you still liked each other, but you always had big fights, so you decided to stay away from each other.